Jeff Locke has impressed everyone that has got close to him in Pirates Spring Training.

Pittsburgh Pirates Morning Buzz: Hurdle SI Coverboy Story

When Clint Hurdle walked into a store to get a cup of coffee, he would walk out changed forever.

Big League Stew takes a look at Clint Hurdle.As we were watching the Bucs battle the Orioles, we heard a great story about Hurdle being on the cover of Sports Illustrated.   Hurdle was in Spring Training and SI came through to do a preview of the Royals.  Nothing was ever mentioned about a cover shot.  They took some pictures, got some quotes and left. 

A few days later, Hurdle went to grab a coffee at a nearby store.  Apparently att the time there were only three major magazines in our country.  All three of them were lying on the counter for sale  near the check out.  As Hurdle put his coffee on the counter, he looked down and saw the magazine. 

He couldn’t believe it.  He looked at the clerk, the clerk looked at him.  Hurdle walked out of the store. 

His coffee was still on that counter.


Lyle Overbay warms up in the on-deck circle.

The thing that most impressed us about Lyle Overbay was his glove.  He looked relaxed and effortless in his 1B play.  He put a charge into a few balls too. Overbay had his best success in his first year with teams, no sense breaking that trend now Lyle.


Keep a really close eye on Jeff Locke.  He has impressed Clint Hurdle and Frank Coonelly.  It won’t be too long before his goals are reality.  

Be sure to check out this link if you are interested in a young lefty with a shot to get to PNC very soon, especially with the impression he has left on the Pirates braintrust.  [The video is really solid too.]


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