The Pittsburgh Pirates open the 2011 season in Chicago where they enjoyed success in 2010.

Know Thy Enemy: Cubs

After a 1-5 start in the fake games of the Cactus League, the Chicago Cubs left fans scratching their heads. They had more errors than homers, as many fights as wins.  


But Goat Riders of the Apocalypse took a closer look and some of the starters have been solid. Carlos Marmol has pitched scoreless innings.  Alfosono Soriano is healthy and having his best Spring Training as a Cub.

 And like the Pirates, the Cubs are talking about stealing some bases.


Randy Wells is attempting to put away his Charlie Sheen ‘Wild Thing’ performance of last year. While Marlon Byrd continues to train with the founder of BALCO, Victor Conte, the commisioner of baseball isn’t thrilled.

FanGraphs takes a deeper look at Wells in this nice post.


The opening series is just days away for the Pirates. The Cubs, despite all of the offseason talk, will be a tough opponent as they are better than the media is making them out to be. We will keep an eye out for some more Cubs info as the series approaches. Stop back soon.

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