Pittsburgh Pirates Opening Day can't get here fast enough.

Pirates Caffeine: Andrew McCutchen Doesn't Know What Matt Weiters Was Thinking

Andrew McCutchen apparently doesn’t understand how awesome Matt Weiters is.  The man who once framed a pitch so perfectly that it counted as two strikes, never eases up. Looks like Weiters is buckled up and ready to rip.

Here is the video of Cutch getting owned. 


“I tried to avoid the tag. I don’t know what he was thinking,” McCutchen said. “It’s spring training. We’re not trying to get hurt. I wasn’t expecting that much contact. I’m OK, though.”


Pedro Ciriaco in centerfield? Hell, let’s put Ronny Cedeno out there too, what the hell. John Bowker is making some noise, but if Doumit stays, it appears that Bowker has to go. How about Jason JHammer Jaramilo? WOW. Steve Pearce, better known as Wayne to Clint Hurdle, had two doubles and is looking to tighten up the bench battle.

Kevin Correia looked strong with three scoreless, but struggled in giving up four in last two before he departed–it’s starting to sound too familar. Scott Olsen? Joe Beimel? It’s early. Keep repeating that mantra.

You probably heard about McCutchen losing his glove and then promptly jumping the fence to get it. Here it is below.


A little vague here, but from Jen Langosch….

I got a report from that game that things did not go so smoothly for Tim Alderson. You’ll remember that he is the pitcher the Pirates got straight up for Freddy Sanchez. Alderson has lost velocity and confidence and it’s looking highly unlikely that he’ll ever live up to the prospect status he once enjoyed.

So much for believing in Santa Claus.

This makes it more clear, just found on PiratesDugout.com

Charlie Morton and Tim Alderson both pitched in an intra squad game this morning at Pirate City. Morton pitched four innings and allowed three runs, all of them coming on a three-rum home run by Shelby Ford. Morton got himself into a jam by walking two straight batters, other than the one inning he had a very solid outing. Alderson was rocked for at least four runs in his two innings of work, I got there late so I only saw four runs score – he may have given up more runs. Evan Chambers rocked Alderson for a solo home run. It was a very poor showing for Alderson, he was in the center of the plate with most of his pitches.

Perry Hill makes the USA Today. Read it and freakin’ weap….

“It’s one of three vital parts of the game,” says Hill, who rejoined the Marlins this season after taking a year off when he couldn’t agree with the Pirates on a contract extension. “Defense affects the whole game. If you don’t make a play, your starting pitcher might have to throw 10, 15 more pitches to get out of an inning. Now, he’s going to have to come out of the game in the seventh when he could have gone another inning. So you use your bullpen more. And then your bullpen is tired the next day, and maybe you don’t win that game because of it.”


Any article about economics is usually avoided by us. Robert Morris and that machine named Professor Eschenfelder ruined us forever. But this article is rather interesting, a little obvious in some regard especially when he says the Pirates have a ray of hope. Yeh, no shi+!


More economics lessons in this article which states:

Last year, the Associated Press uncovered documents suggesting that the woeful Pittsburgh Pirates might have pursued a strategy of losing in order to maximize the team’s profitability in the last three seasons. By slashing its payroll to the bone, the league-worst Pirates both controlled costs and qualified for maximum money under baseball’s revenue sharing agreement. Now the Rays are different.



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