Garrett Jones has ten strikeouts in 31 at-bats with seven hits.

Garrett Jones Where Have You Been?

Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Garrett Jones hasn’t been in the Bucs Grapefruit League lineup the past four games.    Worried?  Don’t be.  Colin Dunlap reported today that he was told it’s nothing, just a stiff neck. 

Jones took took six at-bats in the minor league game at Pirate City.

For those of you that might have missed it, an FSN special aired on the Bucs Spring Training this weekend.  Jones was above the line in his positive comments about the addition of Matt Diaz.  This offseason, Jones was on the Pirates caravan and showed all the signs of an upbeat, positive team player. 

When we watched Jones at Bradenton, he was beast like.  He was working hard on building strength as the video below shows.  Jones looks stronger than we remember two Spring Training’s ago when he wore the big number and was the camp phenom. 

Whether he is watching more pitches, or he has been hurt a little more than the Bucs are letting on, this Spring hasn’t been a great one for the man known as Garrett Freakin’ Jones. Certainly Spring Training doesn’t matter, but still, ten strikeouts in 31 at-bats sucks. 

Especially when Jones is expected to be a key part of a Pirates platoon this season.   He was tearing the seams when we were in town maybe we need to head to Wrigley to cheer the hometown boy on in a few days?

Heh, we’re going bonkers waiting for opening day, this limited coverage of Spring Training is driving us mad, we have to worry about something right?  Hell, maybe Jones is on the block and the Pirates are going with Bowker.  We couldn’t resist. 

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Under the watchful eye of Kiyoshi Momose, the Pirates Latin American Strength & Conditioning Coach, Garrett Jones launches medicine balls like he does homeruns. Sometimes he even goes the other way..

Pirates fans you may want to move back from the screen for this one. Garrett Jones and Neil Walker were training hard before the game with SCF on Friday. The players were playing catch with a medicine ball.

That’s boring right?

Keep your eyes on that John Deere tractor on the left.

Now that’s funny.

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