New scratch off lottery tickets feature the Pittsburgh Pirates

A Trip To PNC Park Could Finally Pay Off For Pirates Fans

For the past countless number of years being a fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates has been a rather empty feeling.  Seasons are typically gone before the All-Star break.  Now it could pay off big for you.  We saw this story on and rather than ignore it, we want you to think of us everytime you see one of these lottery tickets at your favorite stop and pop.  For those from out of town, you luck out.  

The PA lottery tickets will be sold throughout the state a nd include that god awful team from PA East.   It will be interesting to see where the line is drawn to decide who gets what team ticket.  The article mentioned in the past the ticket roll just alternated teams. 

Tickets will be available at PNC Park which means even Bob Nutting could easily grab a $5 ticket and could score one of the twelve tickets that are said to be worth $100,000.  All that for a five spot and filling his fingernail with the scratchy silver goodness.  Good luck Bob and congratulations Senior Citizens everywhere.

For Buccos fans that don’t scratch their way to prosperity, losing tickets can be submitted into a drawing for some cool stuff which includes  something called “Dream Prize” packages, worth $10,000, that have season tickets for the Pirates or a trip to Bradento to see the Buccos, the ever popular watch the Bucs get crushed at away games (that must change this year) or something really cool Pirates fantasy camp.    The second chance contests sound cool, we know some guys that went to fantasy camp and told us they will never miss this again in their life.

As the annoying groundhog says, happy scratching! 

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