Pirates Astros 1:05pm. Tentative lineup from Dunlap at PG Plus

Pirates Caffeine: Mayo Predictions

Three big names for the Pirates this season.


MLB Network had the Pirates on 30 for 30. It was a positive show for the Bucs. Harold used ‘Over the Hurdle’ on his postcard. Al said ‘Long Summer’s Getting Shorter.’

Andrew McCutchen had a blast. The Pirates spent the most money on the draft in the past three years. Yeh, we heard that a few times. We get the message. The show was positive and included some nice stuff from Joel Hanrahan. Harold Reynolds and Al Leiter were positive about the Bucs. When the leaves turn brown, I will be wearing the batting crown…great quote.

Lisa Kerney scares me. Maybe it’s the adam’s apple.


Jonathan Mayo says Bryan Morris is the closest.   Love his quote:

“Being very competitive, I would love to be the first one to get in there during the season and get after it,” Morris said. “At the same time, whatever happens is meant to happen. I’ll be patient, and I’ll work my butt off until it happens. When it happens, I’ll work my butt off to stay there.”

Mayo Predictions:

Hitter of the Year — Sanchez
It came down to Sanchez or Marte and this time, the catcher gets the nod. He’ll stay healthy all year, continue to hit for average, show some extra-base ability and earn a promotion to Triple-A at some point in 2011.

Pitcher of the Year — Taillon
Shocking, isn’t it? Actually, the odds-on favorite could be Owens, who won this in 2009 and ’10. But if he spends considerable time in the bigs, that leaves him out. Besides, it’s not too difficult to think that Taillon will dominate the South Atlantic League, even if he’s treated a bit with kid gloves


Dunlap did a nice piece on Craig Hansen.


Mystics? Some new thoughts on the game of baseball.


Crawfish Boxes is a nice site. They have some thoughts on the draft in this post



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