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Third Annual GET SOME Pittsburgh Pirates Gear Contest

UPDATE:  Two confirmed prizes in the mix will be an autographed Andrew McCutchen baseball and your pick of a Pirates authentic jersey. For those who have played in the past, you know the drill.  The deadline is before the Pittsburgh Pirates take the field at Wrigley on opening day.  Get your picks in early and you won’t be bounced like JackWRox was a couple years back.   Be sure you stay alive until baseball season ends, so we can reach out to you for your prize bonanza.

Here are the 2011 GET SOME requirements:

You will be picking the NL Central Division winner, the last place team in the NL Central Division, and naming the team that will win the 2011 World Series.   You will also predict the Pirate player that will have the most homeruns,  and the pitcher that compiles the most strikeouts.   Tiebreaker:  Number of saves by Joel Hanrahan.

It’s very easy…a sample (loser) ballot would look like this: 

Reds (NLChumps), Astros (NLCellar), Phillies (WS), Ronald Cedeno (Most PBC HR), Scott Olsen (Most PBC K), 45 (Tiebreaker:  Joel Hanrahan saves) 

The point system for GET SOME will be as follows:

10 points for naming NL Central Champion.

10 points for naming the correct cellar dweller in the NL Central.

20 points for naming the World Series winner.

15 points for naming the Pirates player with the most homeruns at the end of the season.

15 points for naming Pirates pitcher that leads the team in strikeouts at the end of the season.

You get one entry.  One shot. One opportunity.  Got it?  Great. 

The prizes are autographed balls, clothing and other cool items that we collect throughout our travels this year. 

The overall winner gets their choice of two items.  We will email the winner their options probably in November after the Pirates championship parade is over.  Once the winner picks, the second place winner…and so on pick until all the memorabilia is gone.  Usually the top three or four get cool stuff.  The rest of you get a magnet.    Heh, you all can’t be winners dammit.  Ready?  Go.  Drop your pick below.

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I’m going with Brewers as NL Central Champs
The Astros will become the Lastros
The Phillies will win the Series
Andrew McCutchen will hit 21 bombs
James McDonald will lead the team in strikeouts
Hanranator will have 39 saves

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  • cocktailsfor2

    Cards (first) Asstros (worst) Toronto (WS) El Toro (PGH HR) JMac (K’s) 38 (Hammer saves)

  • Steve D.

    cards (1st, astros (last), red soxs (ws),alvarez (hr), correia (k’s) 37 (hanrahan saves)

  • http://agon..... Jordy

    Reds(NL Central Champ) Astros (Last in NL Central) Rays (WS Champs) Alvarez (Most Bucco Bombs) Ohlie (K’s) 39 (Hanranator saves)

    • Eugene Tober

      The Bucs closers will be lucky to get 20 saves. Because they’re going to lose 100+ games again this season.

  • Zachary Harr

    Reds (NL Champs) Astros (Cellar) Bo Sox (WS) Overbay (HR) McDonald (Strikeouts) 32 (Hanrahan Saves)

  • Greg H

    Brewers (1st), Astros (last), Twins (WS), Pedro (HR), Correia (K’s), 31 (Hanrahan saves)

  • Brian

    Brewers (NL Central Champs) Astros (NL Central Last) Red Sox (WS Champs) Alvarez (Most HR) McDonald (K’s) 29 Hanraham saves

  • Brian

    Brewers (NLChumps), Astros (NLCellar), Red Sox (WS), Overbay (Most PBC HR), McDonald (Most PBC K), 25 (Tiebreaker: Joel Hanrahan saves)

  • matt

    cards (1st), astros (last), giants (ws),pedro (hr’s), correia (k’s), 20 meek saves

  • JP Greenland

    1ST- Reds Last-Astros WS-Phillies Hrs-Alverez Ks-McDonald Saves-Meek

  • JoseLindwasmyHero

    Cards (1st), Astros (last), Philly (WS), Overbay (HR), Morton (K’s), 38 (Hanrahan saves)

  • Steve

    Reds (1st), Pirates (last), Yankees (WS), Overbay (HRs), McDonald (Ks), 26 (saves)

  • Jake

    Brewers (1st), Pirates (last,**sigh**), Phillys (WS), Pedro (HR’s), Maholm (k’s), 34 (Hanny Saves)

  • Ryan Thompson

    Reds (1st), Astros (last), Phillies (WS), Alverez (HRs), McDonald (ks), 37 (Saves)

  • Tony G

    Brewers(NL central champ), Astros(Last place in central), )Red Sox(WS Champs), Alvarez(Pirates HR leader), Mcdonald(Pirates K leader, 29(Hanrahan Saves)

  • Justin

    NL Central Division Champions – Cincinnati Reds,
    NL Central Division Last Place Team – Houston Astros,
    MLB 2011 World Series Champions – Boston Red Sox,
    Pittsburgh Pirates Homerun Leader – Pedro Alvarez,
    Pittsburgh Pirates Most Strikeouts (Pitcher) – McDonald,
    Tiebreaker: # of Saves by Joel Hanrahan,

    • cocktailsfor2

      You’d better hope the Bucs pick up a pitcher named “Jason” McDonald, or yer screwed!


  • whiteAngus

    1st- brewers, last- bucs, WS- Tigers, HR- Alvarez, K- Correia, Saves- Hanny 29

  • baldo

    Cards (First), Stros (Last), Phils (WS Champs), Cutch (HR’s), Ohlendorf (K’s), 22 saves

  • James Santelli

    Brewers (1st), Pirates (last), Red Sox (WS), Pedro (HR), McDonald (K’s), 32 (Hanrahan saves)

  • Nate

    Brewers (NLChamps), Astros (NLCellar), Atlanta(WS), Pedro(Most HR), McDonald (Most K), 33 (Tb: Hanrahan saves)

  • gogogolem

    Brewers(1st), Pirates(last), Red Sox(World Series), Pedro(HR), Correia(K’s), 29(Hanny Saves)

  • Bill Pulkownik

    Reds(NLChamps), Cubs(NLCellar), Reds(WS), Lyle Overbay(Most PBC HR), Correia(Most PBC K), 34 (Tiebreaker: Joel Hanrahan saves)

  • Dave

    Reds (1st), Astros (Last), Red Sox (WS Champs), Alvarez (HRs), McDonald (SO), 37 Saves for Hanrahan (perhaps not all as a Pirate)

  • jmarter

    Brewers (NLChumps), Astros (NLCellar), Phillies (WS), McCutchen (Most PBC HR), Ohlendorf (Most PBC K), 29 (Tiebreaker: Joel Hanrahan saves)

  • HankS

    Cards(1st), Astros (Last), Philly (WS Champs), Alvarez (HRs), McDonald (SO), 28 Hanrahan (saves)

  • Brandon P.

    Brewers (1st), Astros (Last), Red Sox (WS), Alvarez (HR), McDonald (SO), 31 (Saves for the Hanranator)

  • SLucas

    Reds (NLChumps), Pirates (NLCellar), Red Sox (WS), Pedro Alvarez (Most PBC HR), Ross Ohlendorf (Most PBC K), 20 (Tiebreaker: Joel Hanrahan saves)

  • Zachary Weiss

    Reds (NL Central Champs), Houston Astros (NL Cellar), Red Sox (WS Champs), Pedro Alvarez (most PBC HR), James McDonald (Most PBC K), Tie breaker: 26 Hanrahan saves

  • Sec.143RowMSeat24

    Reds (Champs), Astros (Chumps), Phillies (WS Champs), Pedro (Most HR), McDonald (Most K’s), 27 saves (Hanrahan saves)

  • Phil Salvatori

    NL Central – St Louis
    NL Cellar – Houston
    World Series winner – Boston
    Pirates HR leader – Pedro Alvarez
    Pirates SO leader – James McDonald
    Hanrahan – 22 saves

  • PSUJim

    NL Central Champ – Brewers, NL Central Basement – Astros, WS Winner – Boston, Bucs HR Leader – Pedro, Bucs SO Leader – James Zell McDonald, Hanrahan Saves – 36