The 2011 Pittsburgh Pirates roster is quite different from 2010

Roster Move Buzz Builds, Pirates Winter Of Destruction Near Completion

The buzz started on Neal Huntington’s show (story on page three) when he mentioned there could be a few more moves in the works this week after talking about relief pitchers.  It culminates what we called a winter of destruction.  Just take a look at the opening day roster last year and compare it to this year.

It’s pretty inspiring for Pirates fans. 

But back to the present, we saw the tweets get busy last night regarding some possible moves after Clint Hurdle said, “the roster is not set…”   One thing is certain, Jose Veras has to have a spot cleared so he can be added to the Bucs roster.  That must be done by high noon today, so the roster definently is not ‘set’. 

(What a day for us to be traveling.  We have nothing other than the rumors on this today.)

Is Garrett Jones on the move?  Andy Marte rumors were really strong at the beginning of the week, so maybe he gets moved in a deal.  Either way the bottom line is that the Bucs need some more pitching and just how serious this move is would reflect how the team feels about this rotation.  Do they take a shot on the biggest name available?  We don’t even want to think about that, but regardless, the Pirates realize their pitching isn’t up to par and are trying to improve. 

I admire the tenacity, sort of late, but some good pitchers are available right now.  Swoop city.

If it were my team James McDonald would be rested until mid-May.  Why not be absolutely positive he is healthy before doing something that can’t be reversed.   The move would also limit the innings we shove into one of the most talented arms on this current squad.   

Allow Jeff Karstens to make a few starts.  Rest James McDonald.  Use a move to pick up an arm like Manny Acosta or others below to slide into Karstens role rather than bring up Burres and make him a long man.  Keep Burres starting in AAA for the short term should the team need an emergency arm. 

The Pirates could grab any of these recent arms to hit the market.  (As long as his name is not Silva, we are good.)

Manny Acosta is interesting.

We got a strong hunch something will go down.  The temptation to add to this staff is too great, but nonetheless the roster is nearly set.  And the winter of roster destruction is over for the Pirates, damn we’re happy. 

Have a great day today. 

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