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Kevin Correia Goes Six As Pittsburgh Pirates Beat Cubs With Blasts, Bullpen, BBs

97,98,98,97,99...... well you know the drill.

The Pittsburgh Pirates bats took it to their favorite Chicago Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster.It was football weather in Chicago and we all know that Neil Walker plays well in such conditions.  The Florida boy Andrew McCutchen got in on the action too. 

 The Bucs got good starting pitching from Kevin Correia, poor defense on a sloppy track, and the bullpen did some nice work to give the Bucs a road win. 

Garrett Olson and Jose Veras pitched a scoreless seventh.  Evan Meek, who has been under the weather the Bucs announcers told us, set up Hanrahan nicely with two strikeouts in the eighth and the Pirates closer added two more strikeouts in the ninth .

Hanranator in the ninth that caught our eye.  He didn’t even need Slipknot to crank it up.  He brought serious heat and showed maturity when he didn’t allow two baserunners to bother him.

The machine put it on himself.  And it was impressive. 

Marlon Byrd watched some serious upper 90’s heat.  Then he got Aramis ‘Contract Year’ Ramirez to ground out after jumping ahead in the count. On MLB Tonight, some ass hat said the Pirates might have found a closer? Uh, yeh.

They used to call it Steel City, now they call it Buc Town. Raise It.

After falling to 0-4 against the Bucs recently, Riley Dempster asks Dad the tough question

The Pirates collected SEVEN walks in the game. (It could have been more too, Cedeno had green light on 3-0 once.)   Hence, The Hurdle Eight Commandments are working.

Hell, Ronny Cedeno walked today and it couldn’t have been more clutch.  Correia followed with a bunt.  Tabata walked and Neil Walker did the rest with a granny.   In the postgame interview, Clint Hurdle said, “I told Ronny I was proud of him, he doubled his walk total from Spring Training.” Unfortunately, none of the sports writers got the chuckle by the Pirates skipper.

If Ronny Cedeno keeps up this walk rate....we will gladly eat crow


1-0 First place

Stay Thirsty

road wins rock.

Box Score

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Haters….two words for you.

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