Pedro Alvarez provided the HHH like excitement with what will be written in the box score as a two-run infield single.

Pirates Stone Cold Stun Chicago Wrestlemania Style

Tabata has been a catalyst at the top of the Pirates lineup

The key to the Pittsburgh Pirates 2011 season will be offense. The key to Wrestlemania is likewise all about offense and depends on its’ big stars to provide the excitement on the mat and in the cashbox. 

The Pirates showed in Chicago that until they can field better the cashbox on Federal Street in Pittsburgh will be a little light. The Pirates gloves look like they will consistently give away runs and break the hearts of Pirates fans.

It’s similar to how  Vince McMahon and the WWE breaks hearts every night, or Pirates owner Bob Nutting if you care to believe certain writers in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.  There is a good guy and a bad guy.  But sometimes the face and the heel get blurred and right now, the Pirates are the bad guy in their own town.  A town that prior to the Immaculate Reception was owned by the Pirates.

Clint Hurdle is fond of saying the Bucs only need to score one more run than the opponent.   Fortunately, the Bucs did that twice against the Cubs.   And the town feels really good about the Pirates right now.  If he can keep it up the Pirates in the win column more than the loss column for a few months, Clint Hurdle  just might have the Pirates looking like baby faces.  Pittsburgh can forget quickly, just about as quickly as hardcore wrestling fans will forget the lackluster Wrestle Mania XXVII.

Hurdle also said the team will run like druken sailors on shore leave.   But in the Cubs series, the Bucs didn’t act like Navy boys in Panama.   Jose Tabata has one of two Pirates stolen bases and is also the only Pirate thrown out attempting to steal and that was simply a very poor jump on his part against Matt Garza.  Pedro Alvarez has the other stolen base-that’s not a misprint.

Like Wrestlemania host The Rock, Tabata brought it in the Cubs series. Tabata played a nice centerfield Sunday, but his bat was what really impressed.  For the Cubs series, the new leadoff hitter had five singles, two walks and that steal. 

Most importantly, Tabata touched home plate five times in Wrigley. 

And the Bucs touched home a couple more times than the Cubs did. 


CM Punk is famous for saying ain’t that a kick in the head?   The game Saturday was a kick in the head for Pirates fans as Chicago plated five runs in the eighth to steal the game.  The game yesterday was a dropkick to the kidneys for Cubbies fans as the Bucs scored twice in the ninth on the recently untouchable bullpen of the Cubs.

The Undertaker has never lost at Wrestle Mania.  Joel Hanrahan was the Dead Man in Chicago.   The lack of offense had dug the grave for the Cubs and Hanrahan threw the dirt on it twice giving his team the road series victory.

On the night that the Road Warriors were entered into the Fake Wrestling Hall of Fame it was fitting the Pittsburgh Pirates won a series on the road.  Oh What A Rush! 

Now can the Pirates under this new skipper who talks better than the Miz solve there challenges away from PNC Park where they won only 17 times last season?   Time will tell, but for one afternoon in Wrigley…

The Pirates are Road Warriors.

And it isn’t fake.

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Paul Maholm and Ross Ohlendorf channeled their inner Hawk and Animal in Chicago.

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