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Clint Hurdle Looking For Offense

Clint Hurdle spoke on his weekly show on 104.7 this afternoon

Clint Hurdle answered a few questions before the game today against the Rockies. 

Hurdle was asked about the short bench last night and he discussed the pitching to start the show.  

Clint said the following, as always, these aren’t exact quotes, simply the white meat for you.

Hurdle:  If Morton didn’t go long last night.  McCutchen would have been the long man.  The way it went, he got us through the 7th.  If we didn’t have to pinch hit for him, he was going to pitch the eighth.  Veras was tied to the inning.  Maybe he can help us today for an inning.  Maybe Hanrahan for an inning and a third.  Danny can be long.  Paul Maholm will be in the bullpen today. 

Meek is doubtful again today.

Tim:  Winning run at plate bottom of ninth, tell us how you go about, the anticipation for the stretch run?

Did you ever see that show called Numb3rs on TV?  Might want to google.  It’s some simple math really.  Eighth inning was the major decision.  If I hit Bowker for Rodriguez, then hit Pearce in the eighth then I have a pitcher up. 

We got nothing to lose.  Nobody will be red lined.  Unless it’s out of our control.

I never came this close to empyting a bench this early in a season.

I am looking for a couple other bats in our offense.  It’s not clicking on all cylinders.

Tim:  What did you think of the fans so far in Pittsburgh?

There is a great fanbase here.  1.6million here  last year with 105 losses. 

Hopefully they see more in this team.  Our pitching has done a very good job.  We have a team mentality.  Dig it out of the dirt mentality.  Which I think the city of Pittsburgh is all about.  It’s a blue collar mentality.  They don’t want to be talked sideways to.  Admit mistake.  Don’t do it again.

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