Barry Bonds Is Not Guilty Of Steriods? Just Being a Jerk?

Barry Bonds was found guilty of obstruction of justice.

After years of investigation, Barry Bonds was found guilty of being a difficult guy to deal with during the course of the investigation.  A jerk basically. The court of law called it obstructing justice.  So when the gavel fell today can anyone not find this entire process hilarious? Or if one would want to look at it from a serious angle, wasn’t it downright stupid and wasteful?

How much of our tax dollars were spent on this nonsense?  As I prepare to send the government my annual check on April 15, I can’t help but think of that.  He left Pittsburgh because our ticket dollars couldn’t add up enough, and now years and years later we just paid to find him guilty of being a jerk.  Isn’t that double jeopardy? 

But hell, at least we were able to see Bonds.  Imagine all the other Major League cities who only got to see him bash homers in their stadiums. 

So we understand that he was a dick to the media.  I don’t care.   Have you ever thought about who worked in the Pittsburgh media while Bonds wore the black and gold?  How could he not be a dick to them? Pirates players now are nothing but accomodating and some of the media, especially one, remains an ass.

We don’t care that Barry Bonds was a jerk.   Maybe you do. 

We found him to be entertaining.  You might blame him for the loss to the Atlanta Braves.

Bonds was a love em or hate em type player.  We loved him.

Steroids? Come on, we’re Pirates fans. We’ve all seen the pictures.

If you were lucky you were able to see his incredible work when he played for the Bucs.ers when he looked like a scarecrow whipping his bat like it was a broomstick.

We will never forget his departure.

We never forget the night he claimed the HR record and looked as big as The Incredible Hulk.  But did we really need years of investigation to find out that he was dick? Pittsburgh could have saved everyone a lot of cash.


So what did some of my favorite tweets say about the verdict? 

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