It was close, but Ronny made it before the tag by Rolen

No Doubt About It, Pirates Win 7-6

Stay thirsty Ronny....

Ah, we love the Pirates shortstop Ronny Cedeno.  The most dangerous man on the Pittsburgh Pirates.  In the eighth inning, Ronny decided to lay a bunt down with Garrett Jones on third and Chris Snyder at first.  (And nobody out.)  

The bunt rolled to the Reds pitcher who tossed it to the catcher who slapped the tag on GFJ. 

Andrew McCutchen ripped a single which plated Snyder to give the Pirates the eventual game winner.  But Ronny decided to race for third base.  With two outs.    Ronny might have some explaining to do. 

In the bottom of the eighth inning, Evan Meek struggled.  Two Reds had reached base.  Clint Hurdle had seen enough and went to his closer with one out.  Scott Rolen was the batter and he ripped a fastball.  It looked like a base hit.  A tie game. 

But No. 

Oh no.  Ronny Cedeno stabbed the smash off a Joel Hanrahan fastball.  Ronny flicked to Neil Walker for the twin killing.  Hanrahan pumped his fist. 

On to the ninth inning.


Pirates closer Joel Hanrahan got the first two outs on Reds hitters Johnny Gomes and Jay Bruce. 

Bruce had a swinging bunt, Chris Snyder overthrew Lyle Overbay.  Neil Walker was backing up the play near the tarp.  He picked up the ball and fired to first, Overbay tagged Bruce who had made a turn toward second base. 

Two singles followed.

Hanrahan fired a 98-mile an hour fastball to the backstop moving both runners into scoring position.  Drew Stubbs flew out to Andrew McCutchen who clutched it for the final out.  Holding his glove in the air McCutchen waited for the Reds faithful to go silent as Joel Hanrahan hugged Chris Snyder after earning his fifth save in five opportunities.

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*  Andrew McCutchen had three big hits.  His leadoff homer, his third of the season, came on an up and away fastball by Edinson. 

“I’m just comfortable in general.  Watch out,” said McCutchen after the game.

*  Ugly fielding.  Many runners left on base.  Just a wild game.

* A big play by Neil Walker in the ninth, or this game goes to extra.  Walker hustled to the ball.  He didn’t jog.

* Clint Hurdle after the game:

“Ronny did that on his own.  If the ball (that Cedeno bunted) goes another foot….. thought it was a good chance to take.”  (Clint loves Ronny too.  Ahem.)

“I was happy that we were able to respond late.  For us to scratch back late was very encouraging.”

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