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Bin Laden Is Dead. Road Warrior Pirates, US Soldiers Keep On Winning

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Charlie Morton won in Denver.  Check it off his list. 

The Pirates won another road series.  Check it off the list. 

Osama Bin Laden was killed in a courageous Tier One firefight in Abbottabad, Pakistan by Special Ops forces.  Check it off the list.

Now that’s a great day!

Pirates fans are pumped that the road woes that plagued the Bucs last season were not apparent in April.  Then the big news hit today when Bin Laden found no virgins waiting for him. 

God Bless America. 

God Bless the greatest military in the world.

It might take us while.  It took nearly ten years for the US to get Bin Laden. Pirates fans have waited nearly twenty years for a winner.   


No, it won’t bring back the fathers and mothers back that were lost on that day.  But perhaps it brings peace to people all over the world tonight. 

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[So much for the recap today.  It's time to raise a toast.]

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