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Lights Out On Pirates Offense

The lack of power is a problem.

Baseball is a strange game.

Pirates starter Paulie Walnuts Maholm gave up some softies, a big blast to the number eight hitter and that was all it took for the Bucs to fall 4-1 in Colorado. The offense was limited to another bomb by Andrew McCutchen.

Paulie allowed the Mendoza dreaming number eight hitter in the Rockies lineup to blast a three-run homer.  No baiting.  No manuevering with the pitcher on deck.  

It sucks because the Pirates magic number is four.  The Pirates score four runs?  They typically win. 

It’s just been damn hard to reach that magic number. 

At the plate the Pirates look like they are pressing so badly. It was evident in Pedro Alvarez the most I thought. He looks like his world is ending at the plate. He takes a strike… takes a huge deep breath, steps out of the box, shoulders drop…. damn, someone tell him it’s not the end of the world.  Drop a mood relaxer in his Gatorade. Too much is riding on the kid for him to look like that at the end of April.

It’s a weird game. The Rockies are batting .236 as a team and sit atop the NL West.  The Rox have just three guys have performed consistently for them in April:  Helton, Herrera, and Tulo.

The Pirates are hitting one notch below the Rox at .230 and the team isn’t sitting atop the NL Central.  Consistent production is scarce.  But what if the Bucs had three consistent performers in April?  Coulda been a helluva month.  Ahh, fuggadaboutit.

Remember the last episode of the Sopranos where the power just cuts, screen goes black.  Damn that was a hell of a series.


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