Classic Tony Sanchez tweet.

Joel Hanrahan, Pittsburgh Pirates React To Osama bin Laden Death

It was another fine day for twitter.  From the immediacy of the application, to the handsome fella that unbeknownst to him was live tweeting of the attack it was a big day in US history.  The range of responses from the Pittsburgh Pirates players was very interesting. 

Closer Joel Hanrahan captured the excitement as only he can.  Hanrahan is a guy that gets it.    Hanrahan is a rising star in Major League Baseball who is not only a leader on the Pirates, but a leader in the community. 

It was cool to see Hanrahan write about his affection for the anthem and also remind everyone that the Bucs will be visiting the training center of the Seals while in San Diego tod

Hanranator who now has eight saves on the season, was also pumped about the success of the U.S. troops

What a day for the US!!!! I always love listening to the national anthem, but tomorrow is going to be that much sweeter!! #hegone
Hanrahan’s other tweet:
Visiting seals tomm willb fun @NYPost_Hubbuch: Oh, to be the Navy SEAL who got the killshot. That, my friends, is the definition of swagger
Tony Sanchez  had a more direct, witty response:

Enjoy your dirt nap, squid

Zach Von Rosenberg checked in with the comical:

I bet Bin Laden regrets allowing his iPhone app to “use his current location.”

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