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Pirates Caffeine: Does McCutchen 4 Life Make Sense?

The interesting news on Andrew McCutchen this morning is rather comical.  We love how careful his words are crafted.  Who speaks like this?  I’m willing…ugh, anyway, here is the quote from Cutch:

“I’m willing to be here for my whole career,” McCutchen said Sunday at Coors Field. “I really love it in Pittsburgh. I love playing there. I love the city. I love how things are starting to turn around for us. That’s one of the things I feel that they know, and they have the same feeling I do. We’re very open to working something out, but we just want to make sure it’s something we want. That’s basically what we’re looking at right now.”

 Dejan broke the news while being on the West Coast trip with the club.  It goes something like the Pirates and McCutchen are negotiating a deal of some sort and of course there are not many clear details, but here is the official question we have for you.

We feel that a monster contract making McCutchen a Pittsburgh Pirates player for life won’t be happening.  That’s a given for us.  He can say he is willing all he wants, but McCutchen for life won’t happen.  Those deals are insanity in our eyes.  So we gave this some thought and came up with the following question for you.

Would signing Andrew McCutchen to a shorter deal that doesn’t include any of his free agent years make you happy?  Go vote in the poll


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