Joe Beimel sucked. It's a shame nobody noticed.

Clint Hurdle Is A Detroit Lions Fan

It’s hard to get past one thing in the Pittsburgh Pirates 6-5  loss to the San Diego Padres. 

The Bucs had a two-run lead late in the game.   Two of  the Pirates best relievers watched from the bullpen.

Jose Veras never saw the field. 

Joel Hanrahan never saw the field.

That’s stupid.  It’s not a winning mentality.  Knock them out with Veras.  Kick their teeth in with Hanrahan.  The goal is to win.  Sure there were a number of poor plays that impacted the Pirates loss last night, but to us the play that hurt the most was the one that wasn’t made. The Pirates didn’t go down swinging with two of the most talented arms on the roster. 

A few years ago, Clint Hurdle said the following about Rod Marinelli coach of his beloved Detroit Lions after the team went from 6-2 to 7-9 and out of the playoffs.

I told him we’d get together and share some of the lessons I think I learned from that (’06) season, You never know how close you really are.

It’s cool Hurdle admits he is a Lions fan.   It’s pathetic he didn’t have his best players on the field to try and get a victory.   Because like he said years ago, “you never know how close you really are.” 

But when we read this quote he said to Dejan last night we lost our mind

“I can’t control what people think, but we’re doing things here that are aimed at a championship, not .500.”

We don’t need you to control our thinking. 

Just control the damn game. 

How about using the best players to close out the game that so many of your players fought so hard to win? Because that shit last night was not ‘doing things…aimed at a championship.’

That was just stupid.


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