The Pirates farm system has some great stories this season, Matt Curry is another one of them.

Pirates Caffeine: Matt Curry Still Gets Chills


The Pittsburgh Pirates have struggled to develop a first baseman since Willie Stargell was signed as an amateur free agent in 1958. Perhaps that will be changing as Matt Curry, the former TCU star, is off to a hot start for the A ball West Virginia Power. 

He is flirting with .400 and Curry’s OPS trails only that of the Washington Nationals, current Hagerstown Suns outfielder, Bryce Harper.

Check out this cool article on Curry who is destroyin baseballs for the Power.


This is the video that still gives Curry chills, the 47th grand slam in the history of the College World Series.

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The Yinzer guy on Root Sports sounds like he is on the outs. The voice does suck, but what about the writing…”L.A. puts their stars on the sidewalks, in Pittsburgh we prefer our stars on the field.”


Root Sports paid the Pirates some major cash for the TV deal. It would seem to me that someone should be writing the voiceovers who was at the very least above my awful level of writing ability. I write some stupid trash but that is just garbage. It’s like everyone was in the room, they picked the first thing they could think about the city the Bucs would play, spun it into why that doesn’t go in Picksburgh, slapped it in front of the fake yinzer and….ACTION!

Two hours later the voiceovers were complete and the fake yinzer went back to Philly with his $250.

The discussion of camera angles was an absolute joke. Surely someday in the not distant future, ROOT Sports will improve. Surely. Maybe? Dare we say the word….hopefully? Yeh, it won’t. Live with it meat stick.

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