Scott Olsen is no longer a Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher

Pitcher Wanted: Pirates Cut Scott Olsen

Scott Olsen is no longer a Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher

We swore it was nearly a month since anyone has even mentioned the name of left handed pitcher Scott Olsen.  He had been working in Bradenton before the news broke today. 

The lefty signed a one-year deal with the Buccos worth a little(lot) over $550,000,  with a club option for 2012.   He had made headlines more for what he said off the field than how he played on the field.  He was injured in spring training and while we were in Bradenton wore a pullover and signed autographs for everyone in sight.

We aren’t sure how much the Bucs will be on the hook for with Olsen.  But since we don’t have anything to remember him for on the field we will just have to go with the quote one more time.

They didn’t bring me in here to be a bullpen guy.  They want to do that, we are going to have to have a conversation about it, and we haven’t had one about it.

Good luck Scott Olsen.


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