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Pirates Andrew McCutchen On MLB Intentional Talk: I Can Just Feel The Change Coming

Joel Hanrahan joined Andrew McCutchen on Intentional Talk Thursday

The MLB Network show Intentional Talk is hosted by Chris Rose and Kevin Millar.  It’s hilarious.  Andrew McCutchen joined the show on Thursday and other than one serious question that provided an interesting answer, Cutch showed off what Pittsburgh has been fortunate to see for nearly two years. 

 It was so good we didn’t want you guys to miss some of it, so here is a quick recap.

Chris Rose: "You're JACKED!"

Cutch got some shit about his action figure.

I guess that’s why they call it an action figure.  They put a few pounds on me, made my feet a little bigger.

Kevin (of course) asked about firing the ‘boys up in the dugout’ with the many different handshakes McCutchen has developed with his teammates.

Steve Pearce looks baffled.

We have five or six.  I like the one with me and Cedeno.  The one with Parrot too. 

Chris asked McCutchen about making the headlines by saying he wanted to spend his entire career in Pittsburgh.  He said, “A few people had to look at headline and wonder why?”  Chris then asked McCutchen to enlighten America. 

It’s kind of just one of those things.  I mean. You know, some guys can relate.  You know, when you’re just one of those homebred, homegrown guys and this is where you come from and this is who you were drafted by and came through the system with.  You know you have some history with the team. 

You just feel like you leaving and going somewhere else and trying to get acclimated with a new team and getting things together with other guys.  I really love it here.  I really love what we have going on.  We have a great young group of guys.  I can just feel the change coming.—Andrew McCutchen on Intentional Talk

As McCutchen was wrapping up his answer to the Pittsburgh for Life question Joel Hanrahan came behind him and without saying a word made us laugh. 

Hanrahan admires McCutchens dreds.

Chris and Kevin asked Cutch if he saw Steve Pearce trying to make that ‘cool’ play a la Brandon Phillips.  Of course Cutch said he did and some good natured fun ensued.  Cutch said Matt Diaz asked Pearce to grab his glove the other day and Pearce threw it between his legs into the stands.

The segment closed with Cutch dancing to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. 

McCutchen exudes charisma all the way to his fingernails.  It was a great few minutes of fun.

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  • cocktailsfor2

    How cool is Andrew McCutchen?

    Cutch: Singin' autographs and groovin' to tunes.

    VERY cool.

  • Eugene Tober

    It looked as if the Bucs had found some pitching talent. But now its obvious the fallen into the same malaise they’ve been in the past 18 seasons. That being no offense or defense.

  • dcn3569

    Can we please buy some free agent years. I know he is going to be a Super 2 so the new contract is a way to avoid Arbitration but give us something. Also this team has a very real chance of turning it around every team has losing streaks. If they put together one good winning streak it all evens out!!!

    • Tom Smith

      I’m looking forward to how this works out with McCutchen. The losing streak must end in DC.

    • dcn3569

      If we can score some runs for Paully tonight I like our chances and then Morton tomorrow. 2 game sweep??? PLEASE!!!!

    • Eugene Tober

      First ofcourse the losing streak is going to end at some point. But once you get 5 or more games below 500 a winning streak usually only brings a team back to 500. And from there the cycle doesn’t go much higher than 500. Thus the team never becomes relevant to the race to first.

    • dcn3569

      They are only 4 games under .500 currently and with basically little to no offense produced and it seems as this is the hiccup in the pitching that we all expected at the beginning of the year. However call me an optimist I have faith in Hurdle and Searage to straighten these starters out. Also these young guys were beginning to experince winning at the highest levels I look for them to get that feeling back!!

    • Eugene Tober

      Feelings have nothing to do with sports. The player in his prime either has talent or he doesn’t. If a team has sufficient talent they win. If not they flounder like the Bucs of the past eighteen seasons.

    • dcn3569

      If you dislike the Pirates that much why do you visit and comment on a Pirates blog? Take your negativity some where else!!!! And feelings have everything to do with sports they affect every athlete regardlesss if they have talent or not.

    • Eugene Tober

      it’s undeniable to anyone who follows sports that the Bucs have been horrid the last eighteen seasons. So its not negativity but realism. The Buccos have been my team since ever, through good and bad.

    • Tom Smith

      Commitment man, it’s about all we got right?