In thepast 75 at-bats, Neil Walker has been producing near the top of all ML 2nd basemen.

So Pirates Fans What's Your Gut Telling You?



Clint Hurdle does some managing with his gut.   So what are you  thinking about the Pittsburgh Pirates chances in DC tonight?  The Pirates will trot left hander Paul Maholm to the mound.  Paulie, as Clint Hurdle likes to call him,  shut down the Nats on four hits in April to earn a victory, his first ever career win over the Nationals.

Paulie has pitched well since he held the Nats to two runs back on April 25.  He has dropped his ERA to 3.60 and has allowed just seven runs in 20 innings. 

But he has had miniscule run support from his Pirates teammates.  Do you think anything changes tonight? 

The Bucs are on a skid.  Hence there is no better place for the slumping Bucs to be for a two game set than in the dirtiest city on the planet against a strikeout happy Nats team.

The Nats have southpaw John Lannan on the hill as he was opposite of Paulie back on April 25.  The Pirates offense put up four runs on Lannan in just five innings of work.  Like the Bucs,  Lannan is on a skid since that game and also has put up a near five ERA in seven starts against the Pirates.  Maholm is actually worse in his career against the Nats with a 5.73 ERA in 48.2 innings.

Neil Walker went 5-for-11 in the Nats series and has had a knock in 8 of 9 games against them.  Walker is in the middle of a really nice stretch of hitting where he is reaching base safely nearly every night, (16-of-last-19.)  Ronny Cedeno is batting .311 in the past 15 games.  He hasn’t had an error in 25 games and basically is still the most dangerous player on earth.  Stay thirsty my friends.

My gut says the Bucs get one tonight. 

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  • Daquido Bazzini

    The proud peacocks of Pro-Nutterism are racing back to the hills for water and shelter after a horrendous week of Pirate baseball.
    It’s mid May, and it’s becoming quite clear to the masses that we’ve been “Nutterized” for the 19th straight year.
    Clint Hurdle?
    I can only think that the first words traveling through the secret caverns of his brain is….”God….What a mess.”
    Exactly six months ago, Hurdle was handed a horrific, 105 loss team from the 2010 campaign of futility #14 of the Nutting age.
    After his hiring, the Pirate front offices turned off the heat, tuned down the electricity, and locked the doors of PNC Park.
    In all essence, it become quieter than Osama Bin Laden’s current resting place in the liquid part of the Middle East.
    Ohhh….There was a few days when GM Huntington drove into the North Side, unlocked the door (with his own set of keys), took off his top coat and wool scarf, and proceeded to pry open the contract drawer.
    Kevin Correira…..Lyle Overbay….Matt Diaz…..And Scott “full pack” Olsen (poof…he’s gone!) were all signed & sealed as the “weapons” the Regime had promised back when the leaves were brown, orange & yellow.
    On those cold days, Huntington would leave the office….huffing & puffing…But knowing well that he wouldn’t be back for another month or so.
    Meanwhile….A 105 loss team was intact for another run on the cellar.
    Here we are in mid-May, and the Nutting Regime has done it again.
    They hired a relatively real manager to replace a statue in the dugout, but they didn’t do diddly to help him out.
    We are treated to more lap dog outings against the Dodgers, and more street cleaning sweeps by the Brewers.
    The team strikes out more than a nerd at a cotillion dance, and it has the energy & excitement of a streaming video from a turnip field south of Fresno, CA.
    Nutting (Outside of a brief appearance basking in the sun of San Diego) is nowhere to be found….Coonelly has been locked away to assure silence….And Huntington works the waiver wire like a late night air traffic controller out of Des Moines, IA.
    All Clint Hurdle can do is try to make the boat float a couple times a week, in hopes that he’ll end up in a situation similar to his former Colorado replacement Jim Tracy.
    For those that still back the Regime….Enjoy!
    You have a whole summer of Nutting Regime baseball in front of you.
    But….For the rest of us, it’s time to get even more serious about over-throwing this merry band of business spend thrifts that continue to have their flag planted in the middle of PNC Park.
    As mentioned, it’s a mess….And it’ll remain a mess till they are removed….Like a bad tooth.
    If it doesn’t change soon….(and it won’t)….Expect another profanity laced episode of “Nightmare on Federal Street” from the blogger known as Fat Jimmy.
    It’s painfully embarrassing when one puts a fraction of an ounce of hope in the selfish, uncaring bunch known as the Nutting Regime.

    • Tom Smith

      Nutting is a rotten, throbbing molar in the jaws of Pirates fans. Shaved chest and all….