Clint Hurdle What Happened Last Night?

Clint Hurdle is possessed. How else do you explain his quote for being agressive last night:

I’d rather try and slow down a horse that’s running hard than kick a mule that’s not running at all.

We often joke on RumBunter that Hurdle does and says whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and how he wants. Which explains, the spray painted DH letters over our proud RumBunter logo since Hurdle was hired.

But tonight…tonight he even blew me away. There will be no photoshops in a RumBunter post for the first time in well, forever. You can blame Hurdle.

So from what I understand after listening to the radio briefly on my way home from work, there was a play last night against the Washington Nationals where Paul Maholm was asked to suicide squeeze…no way…no way, I simply can’t believe it.

Paul Maholm tried to score Chris Snyder on a suicide squeeze bunt?

There is no way. No. Possible. Way.

Paul Maholm is an awful bunter. He always has been. Maholm has pitched great this season and he is to be commended for his valiant efforts on the mound. But he has a mentality that he doesn’t need to go to mini camp with the other guys to get any better at the detailed, highly professional parts of his craft as a professional baseball player.

How Maholm is allowed/leans on union rules to get away with it is a topic for another day. We don’t pay Maholm.

Shit. Good for him if he gets paid well and doesn’t have to report to camps designed to improve fundamentals. That’s his right as a ML baseball player. But let’s just state one fact.

Paul Maholm can’t bunt.

Aint’t gonna learn how to bunt.

Ain’t gonna be good at it.


On this day of our lord, May Sixteenth, Two thousand and eleven, we challenge Paul Maholm to have three consecutive sacrifice bunts. 

So somehow Paul Maholm was called on to suicide squeeze Chris Snyder? Aren’t there only 27 outs Clint? Is this some type of twisted lesson? Is someone telling Paulie, look we aren’t going to provide any run support for you. Ever. Well, wait a minute……if you can pull off a suicide squeeze bunt with the slowest human on planet earth attempting to score from third we will get you two runs.

Hurdle said something about rolling the dice and it not working. Ok. Rolling the dice? No. We look at it this way….pretend Hurdle is talking to the team…. ‘who is the worst bunter on this team?’ Nearly every hand would point to Maholm. ‘Ok guys who is the slowest guy on this team?’ Many hands would point to Snyder.

So with Maholm bunting on one die and Snyder running on the other die, Clint Hurdle let the dice fly. WOW. What was his reasoning? The Nats will never see this coming? Hell no they won’t. It won’t even matter, the odds of those dice coming up lucky snake eyes are pathetically bad. Managing with your gut is bad enough, but giving yourself the worst possible combination on a suicide squeeze is like loading a six shooter with six slugs and playing Russian roulette.

Damn, we would have had a photoshop bonanza if we didn’t miss this game.  Now I am going to go back to trying to decipher that quote about a jackass.

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  • dcn3569

    Earlier in the game Maholom couldnt get a bunt down either(with it going foul with two strikes) also right before that Wood got thrown out at third on an attempt to go from first to third on Snyder’s single. We get back those two outs and it could have been a different ball game!!!! PISS POOR baserunning!!!!!!!!

    • Tom Smith

      Disgusting. And we have no idea what Hurdle’s explanation is….”I’d rather try and slow down a horse that’s running hard than kick a mule that’s not running at all.”

  • dcn3569

    I understand the being aggressive and was all for it at first but there have been some bad base running play calls and maybe this should be changed to suit our personnal!!! I.E NO sucicide squeezes with the worst possible combo!!!!

  • cocktailsfor2

    Re: the squeeze

    A. It was a dumb call because you don’t DO that with a LHB. This is the most important point of all, IMO. All the P has to do it throw it a foot off the plate (as was the case), and bang.

    A1… unless it’s a safety squeeze, which it did not appear to be.

    B. You try it if you’ve been watching the 3B’s tendencies, and you think you can catch him flat-footed with a slow runner on third. Not being able to see the positioning of the 3B on the previous pitches, I cannot comment.

    C. Once you call that play and it fails (IIRC, Pauly missed a bunt on the previous pitch – please correct me if that’s wrong), you do not call it again. That’s it – opportunity missed. Finito.

    D. Cutch was on-deck. So, not the smartest call there.

    E. As I noted in the gamethread on BD last night: Once the play is called, it’s all on Maholm to at lest get a piece of the ball, even if that means letting go of the bat to make contact!! This is Bunting 101 – if you miss the ball, the runner is deadhence the name “Suicide Squeeze!”. Note: Yes, the ump can call the batter out for “throwing the bat” (which is a judgement call), however if the bat makes contact as a result of that, the ball is dead instead of Snyder.

    • Tom Smith

      (hair falls onto desk)

  • Daquido Bazzini

    Big Bob Nutting’s personal assistant Elrod raced to the boiler room at PNC Park and sounded off the Regime foghorn three times.
    The trio of belches meant one thing to the RegimeSecurityCouncil…….Propaganda Breach!
    Criss-crossing through the halls like termites in a freshly made ant farm, the most important members of the Nutting Regime assembled quickly in Meeting Room #A.
    “I’m glad to see our alerts are down to a science,” said Nutting, as he stood in front of the Big Five.
    You could tell the emperor was extra hot around the collar, as he had his top two buttons opened wide.
    President Fustad Coonelly, GM Neal Huntington looked on….And three members of Nutting’s much more secret cabinet.
    No one really knows their real names, but Nutting refers to them simply as Chuckles, Sardine and Methusala.
    All Pirate employees know who they are, but their real names and purpose are hidden in a shroud of secrecy.
    “We’ve got a code bright red on the south bank of the Ohio River…..McKees Rocks to be exact,” announced Nutting.
    “It seems a band of traitors that pose as bar owners are selling beer when we lose games”…..”We won’t stand for this type of thing.You all know what to do.”
    Methusula slowly stood with his hands trembling …..”I’ll speak for the three of us boss. We’ll take care of these kind of shenanigans immediately.”
    As quick as the Big Five had assembled, the Secret Three disappeared into thin air.
    Their job was clear.
    Take care of the streets, take a sweep of the general media, and specifically take care of the internet blogs.
    There was no time to waste.
    It was business as usual for the Nutting Regime.
    Iron fisted……