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Do Pirates Make Safe, Strong Pick With Hultzen?

Because it’s never easy being a Pittsburgh Pirates fan, why should their coveted first pick in the draft be different? With no consensus pick at the top spot, would making a pick that is safe the best bet for the Pirates?

Most will scoff at the thought of such a thing. We know we certainly did when Danny Hultzen’s name was brought up last week. It just felt like a bit of a stretch at the time. To some it still does. But the guy is having one hell of a season.

Danny Hultzen is a player Mike Newman of Scouting the Sally would wager as being the first player from this draft class to pitch in the major leagues. Who needs more pitching help than a team that is currently defining what the dash (1992-?)will mean since their last winning season.

Will this pick be looked at as the one that sets the stage for the franchise as it has been in recent years for the Washington Nationals and their two consensus picks, Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper? It sure doesn’t look sexy, but our answer is that it has to be.  The Pirates need to take the player that can be the best possible player in MLB.  It’s the first freaking pick for God sakes.  Wouldn’t we all be more comfortable if the Pirates said, oh we know exactly who we are going to take.  But it’s not the case this year.

The Pirates front office is in an interesting spot right now. Is Neal Huntington here to stay? It’s absolutely mind boggling to think otherwise as he is the leader of the most anticipated pick in the draft, but why wouldn’t he be extended if that was the case? He must have a verbal, right?

My big question I have been ponderins is will Huntington really be making the final call on the selection? It’s never easy to figure out with the Pirates front office. And that’s a damn shame.

So back to the draft. We want to warn you now. If you read this and watch the videos your opinion may change on the deceptive lefty who sat at 92-95 through his first seven innings, including 94 from the stretch.


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