Pirates Defeat Mets!!!!!!

Read it and weep New York

Joel Hanrahan is 15 for 15. Not. Human. Warned. You. Over. And. Over.


R.A. Dickey fell to pieces when it counted the most.  It’s a trend for the Mets of New York town.  But was there a jinx involved?  Definently not, but play along anyway dammit. 

Everyone was bitching about the Pirates offense.  And damn if Dickey wasn’t sailing along striking out Pirates batter after Pirates batter into the late innings at CitiField last night.

But then we went on the offensive.  We had an idea. 

We would pull out the jinx.  We were inspired by an all caps tweet by the Bradenton Marauders.  The tweet jinxed the hell out of Kyle McPherson (Cocktailsfor2 will have an interview with McPherson up shortly.)   It ruined a possible no-hit bid for our favorite double black belt…..

The example.

We would fire up the caps lock button and see if the Mets could fall to pieces in late innings like they have done so often this season. What the hell did we have to lose right?

The jinx tweet number one. Ronny Cedeno followed with a single.

Jose Tabata was then hit with a pitch.

The jinx was fired up again....Josh Harrison tied the game.

Andrew McCutchen walked to load the bases.

Neil Walker ripped a two-run single to put the Bucs ahead 3-1 and send Dickey to the showers.


The story once again for the Pirates was the excellent starting pitching.  The Mets only run of the game came on a Jason Bay infield single, something the Mets are quite proficient at in this series.  Pirates starter James McDonald made a nice play on the Bay swinging bunt, but the ball was simply so weakly hit into no man’s land that there wasn’t a chance.

McDonald finished only allowing that one run as he recorded five strikeouts, six hits, and two walks over six innings.  The Pirates starters have made it 12 straight starts that they have held the bad guys to two earned runs of fewer.  Sick.

In the ninth, Brandon Wood who came in for Josh Harrison, reached out and hit a flare two-run single to set the final score.

Joel Hanrahan has his breaking ball working.   You have been warned bitches. 15 save opportunities. 15 saves.

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Clint Hurdle had some nice words for Josh Harrison who made a helluva debut for the Pirates. AP Photo Kathy Kmonicek

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