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Bigfoot: The Challenge For Pirates Fans This Weekend Against The Phillies



Jimmy Rollins.  Chase Utley.  Wow, that’s ugly.  Ryan Howard, ugh, pretty nice production in the past eleven. 

Cole Hammels.  Damn, the lefty has pitched well. 

Good Lord, the wealth of riches on this Phillies ballclub.   The last thing you need right now is a preview of the best team in baseball.  Screw that. 

So let’s use Al Gores’ invention for something much better…..  Where are the hot, attractive Phillies fans? 

Sounds like a contest brewing once again doesn’t it?  It’s back.  Once again we are asking Pirates fans to grab a picture of Phillies fans this weekend, yeh, we know that’s like getting a picture of Bigfoot, but everyone needs a challenge.   

The winners from last year prove there is no such thing as a hot Phillies fan.  So the search continues…. (Pictures below)

Snap a pic.  Send it to us.  And whoever sends us the picture of the Hottest Phillies fan in PNC Park this weekend gets a cookie.  One of our always fresh cookies.  

Go get ‘em Jeff Karstens, because no matter how good they look on paper, the Phillies send their multitude of unattractive fans home with their heads down at PNC Park.  More evidence for you below:



Heh! Are you Brad Lidge's Mom? Your not? Shit, I love that guy!

Heh! Are you Chase Utleys Mom? No way

Heh, can you tell Brad Lidge we love him? Thank you!

Heh, the Phillies suck why are you so happy?

Heh you! Heh, you guys with your head down... I Love Brad Lidge. His 7.33ERA is so hotttt!

Heh you! Heh, you guys with your head down... how long is that drive back?!


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