Phillies starter Kyle Kendrick on the right, and on the right well....

Can You Smell What Phillies Kyle Kendrick Is Cooking?

Sing it Charlie Morton

Remember the night....

We talked about the Pittsburgh Pirates stringing together a stretch of sellout crowds after a season in which losing was such a regularity.  It will continue tonight thanks to some visitors.

But what happens next weekend?  We say it’s another sellout.  Sure that shouldn’t be a big deal, but if it’s not a big deal to you, how is life on Mars?  We hear the Martian women are attractive.  Send us a pic.

The Philadelphia Phillies have gift wrapped Kyle Kendrick for the Pirates lackluster offense tonight.  Kendrick hasn’t made a start since being rocked in May by those awful in May Colorado Rockies.  He has only made two starts this season, his longest was five innings. 

Kendrick might go 65 pitches tonight.  That Phillies bullpen is worked.  But we are positive the Phillies have read the scouting report on Morton.  I mean surely they have right? 

The scouting report on Morton said…..,electric stuff,  load the lineup with lefties and load your glock. 

There is no way this Phillies dead ball offense can touch Morton tonight. 

So, see you in the parking lot. 

Tweet me with your pictures of attractive Phillies fans.  We got over 75 last night.  And like we just said, send me the attractive Phillies fans….  there is a nice “cookie” waiting for you. 

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