Check Out Some Hometown Stories About Pittsburgh Pirates Draft Picks


The Pittsburgh Pirates third round steal Alex Dickerson is expected to sign soon and report to short season rookie ball…that’s a nice sentence.   We it proves to be true.

We didn’t know that Dan Gamache, the third baseman the Bucs drafted from Auburn, had hand surgery in May.

Jake Burnette was ‘the stuff of dreams’ according to this article and he also has a nice quote that leaves a door wide open.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do yet; the Pirates haven’t made me a contract offer, so I’m just going to wait and see,” Burnette said. “Even if I don’t sign, Georgia Tech’s definitely a strong back-up plan.”

Check out this headline, let’s get those offers rolling out the door!

Jason Creasy better hire an agent after using lines like this one…

“I knew I was going to get drafted but I didn’t think it would be that high,” Creasy said. “I thought it could be the 15th round or so, but not the eighth.” Jason Creasy….also known as the guy who just just saved Nob Butting a few bucks.


With the Super Two madness about to begin, here is a suggestion…

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