Duke was a popular figure in the Pittsburgh community, but tonight he needs to be a pinata

Zach Duke Owes The Pittsburgh Pirates Nothing

Zach Duke returns to Pittsburgh tonight in an Arizona Diamondbacks jersey. Duke shocked a few people in his debut when he blasted his first career home run and threw seven shutout innings.

That impressive debut by Duke woke up some well known baseball bloggers who felt the Pirates got nothing in return for Duke except a warm body.  Sully feels the Pirates woes are more about a lack of return in their moves, than it is money.  I think there is also something about Duke being an All Star, but I forgot so fast I can’t remember now.


But Duke followed that debut with what we have seen so many times before from Duke. He allowed three Nationals to score on three consecutive two out hits….. in the first inning. We thought it was amusing after the Diamondbacks sent out a rather childish tweet after Dukes successful debut.

Make no mistake, Duke is very hittable, but we think more than a few Pirates fans are holding their breath going into the three game series with the Snakes.
Not us. Tonight, the Pirates need to be certain to hit early and often against the Diamondbacks rotation and grab victory once again.

The Snakes come into PNC winners of 18 of their past 23 and are now contenders in the West.  So faltering against Zach Duke and the gang isn’t an option.

After all, Duke wasted no time to start light hearted jabs at his former team after his departure.   Welcome back Zach, now tell the boys to toss up a few softies so the Bucs can get back on a roll.



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