Saturday Night's Alright For Pittsburgh Pirates

Tonight the Pittsburgh Pirates will sell out for the third consecutive Saturday at PNC Park.  So what’s it all mean? 

We don’t think there will be an end in sight to the Bucs filling up the park on Saturday nights.  This week, Huey Lewis will roll off a golf course, sing a few hits, roll onto a roadie, and send the Pirates faithful back home. 

We trust the Pirates fans can watch another Saturday night Pirates victory.  As soon as the Bucs get near .500, the team hits the shits.  We don’t know what it is. Last nights performance doesn’t even deserve a recap.  It was awful.  The fielding was bad.  The hitting was even worse.  Maybe the injuries just hit this young team too hard, some serious holes are scattered throughout the lineup now.

The Bucs sold out on Chris Snyder.  It sucks he underwent surgery today.  It also sucks the team ran Ryan Doumit out in every Spring Training game like a two-headed circus snake. 

Doumit deserved better.  He performed well until he was bit by yet another injury.  Snyder deserves credit as well, because it seemed to us that Snyder was trying to gut out his back injury until Doumit returned.  

Thankfully, the Pirates do have catching options that are major league ready, just not major league proven.  It hurts the team, because Doumit and Snyder had done such a fine job with the pitching staff.  It wasn’t surprising to see Morton struggle without his bodyguard behind the plate last night.

The Bucs sold out on their pitching staff.  It has paid off.

The Bucs sold out on Lyle Overbay.  It sucks he had another boot last night.  But once again, Overbay has hit well enough recently to deflect a majority of the critiscm sent his way.

The Bucs sold out on Matt Diaz.  It sucks that Diaz has just not lived up to the reputation.  He has been the biggest disappointment for me after sixty two games.

The Bucs sold out on the youth.  We still believe.  So do most of the sellout crowd rolling into PNC Park regularly on Saturdays now.  The sheer number of McCutchen, Walker, Tabata, and Alvarez jerseys is impressive. 

We have a feeling that very soon some of the pitchers jerseys like Hanrahan, Morton and Correia will start popping up around the park as well.  Hell maybe even Karstens.  It’s pretty cool to see such a turnaround at PNC Park just months removed from a 105 loss season.

Certainly the fireworks and concerts don’t hurt.  

But wins over some big name teams like the Philies and Tigers spread the confidence through the Bucco faithful.

No matter how bad the sellout job from the Pirates marketing department, it takes time to erase Saturday nights of seasons past.

Despite all of the transgressions in Pittsburgh, all of the losses, and hideous sell out trades, all of the poor signings and disappearances… the Pirates fans are starting to forgive. 

It will take a while to forget.

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