Pirates Red Sox: Can Andrew McCutchen Become a Superstar This Weekend

Andrew McCutchen is having a nightly party at PNC Park this month.

The Pittsburgh Pirates host the Boston Red Sox this weekend. (Just in case you’ve been on a few day bender.) Pittsburgh and Boston fans have different expectations. Most Pirates fans are reasonably optimistic, while Red Sox fans expect a Boston massacre.

It’s time for Andrew McCutchen to have a monster weekend and allow his Pittsburgh Pirates to compete with the dark forces from the north. If he gets some support from his teammates, this series should be competitive.  The Padres, who are the worst hitting team in the league, took the series in Boston.

Can this weekend be one that defines Andrew McCutchen in Pittsburgh?  You and I both realize that McCutchen is a great player.  Perhaps one of the best in the game of baseball.  Definently the best player on this baseball club.

His most memorable moment to date would be his walk off homer against the Philadelphia Phillies. It came after he made a blunder in the field. So let’s just say he has a flair for the dramatic.   McCutchen can make a new defining moment for the Pirates starting tonight at PNC Park.

McCutchen got little attention after his tremendous rookie season.  He was robbed for Rookie of the Year by a player who was recently sent back to the minors.  Cutch also gets little recognition on any of the popular mediums because he is a Pittsburgh Pirate. 

It’s a tough cross to bear, but it doesn’t seem to faze the talented star in the least.  He is a pillar off the field and must must make his parents very proud.  But it’s time for Cutch to make a city proud of their ball club again.  It’s time for a superstar to emerge.  We can’t think of a better time than right now.

In Pittsburgh McCutchen gets little recognition outside of the few die hard Pirates fans.  It’s not surprising really.  The Pirates haven’t been relevant this deep into a season in a long time. 

But against a formidable Boston Red Sox team that many have penciled in as the World Champs before the season even began, McCutchen has an opportunity to step to the front of the sports stage in Pittsburgh. 

It’s been a long time since Pittsburgh had such a baseball superstar.  Too damn long.

Most fans around the game know that McCutchen is talented, he was named the best centerfielder in the game.  Yeh, we watched the show.  But games against one of the best teams on the planet require the underdog team to have someone step forward and produce at the highest of levels.   Back up the recognition of being named the best in the game if you will. 

Become a superstar if you will. 

Give reason for young Pittsburghers to put away the Sidney Crosby jersey when the temperatures rise above 70 degrees.  Come on hockey fans, you can do it, get a little sun on those white arms yinzer, slip on the old number 22 jersey.

It’s time for McCutchen to seize the moment. 

Make the old ladies in the Wille Stargell jerseys cry.

Show the Pittsburgh fan base that there is hope in Buc Town.  

It’s time for greatness. 

Let’s trust this weekend is that moment for Andrew McCutchen.

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