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Pittsburgh Pirates Bullpen: A Photoshop Bonanza


The Pittsburgh Pirates bullpen has provided us with many exciting moments this season. We crank out photoshops as quickly as we can when you make some solid recommendations. Here are a few that we have been behind on lately.

Joel Hanrahan is the best closer in baseball and has been the most requested. We trust we did you justice. Can’t Touch This.

If you follow us on Twitter you understand we are huge fans of the Chris Resop pickup off the scrapheap by Neal Huntington and the gang.  Jose Veras and Daniel McCutchen have also been strong out of the bullpen for the Bucs.  Enjoy.

Chris Resop has an ERA+ of 106 and has 42 strikeouts in 35.1 innings pitched.

McCutchen has an impressive ERA+ of 167 despite some recent regression.

Jose Veras has an ERA+ of 128 with 38 strikeouts in 33.2 innings

Somehow we forgot about how Ryan Howard was shut down by the Bucs.  Dumb.

One more Vanilla Hanrahan.

Heat, Heat baby

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