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Have you noticed that Pittsburgh Pirates Matt Diaz is a singles magnet lately?

Diaz got tossed after an awful performance on June 12. Here is the video link if you don’t remember the game. We were pissed. We felt that Diaz had no business running his mouth. But to his credit he has looked in the mirror and started a new business.

Diaz has started lining up hot singles like this one.  Hot single after hot single.  In fact since getting tossed on June 12 he has been on a bit of a tear if you will.

Last night Diaz had two more singles in the Bucs victory over the Toronto Blue Jays.  And he also got a punch to the rib cage from a former teammate in case you missed it.

He can rip an inside fastball into the dugout on the first base line.  Perhaps his swing will come around, but thus far we feel left down.  Diaz has seven doubles and a triple this season. 

No bombs.  Just Singles.   

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Matt Diaz has eight extra base hits this season making his isolated slugging miniscule.

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