Andrew McCutchen Snubbed for All-Star Game

Pittsburgh Pirates centerfielder Andrew McCutchen was not named to the NL All-Star Game roster.

The Major League Baseball All-Star game always brings up cases where talented players are left off the roster.  It’s unavoidable.  But the decisions Bruce Bochy made this season are very interesting to us.

The bottom line is Bochy earned the right to pick his players, but damn.

Bochy made some interesting selections over Andrew McCutchen.  Let’s just look at one–Carlos Beltran has a 2.7WAR and McCutchen has one of the highest at 4.6.  Unreal.

And to make the sting hurt a bit more read this:


Andre Ethier had a 30 game hitting streak, but look closer, he has a 2.4 WAR. Michael Morse has a swollen forearm thanks to King Resop to go with his 1.7 WAR.

It’s difficult to fathom these selections representing the NL’s last player in the Final Vote. Both are nice players, they simply aren’t Andrew McCutchen.

Meanwhile in Washington DC, Cutch let the league know that he will just keep on rubbing their nose in it. McCutchen had three more hits with only a sliding highlight catch keeping him from four knocks.

Play angry Cutch.  Play angry.

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Meanwhile for the frustrated Pirates fans, keep an eye on the big prize and gaze at this beauty.

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