Pirates catching prospect is hitting .249 with a .320 slugging and a .672 OPS

Did Pirates Farm System Have Any Outstanding Offensive Performers Make the List?

The Pittsburgh Pirates farm system is showing improvement that has been able to help the big league team in 2011

Seedlings to Stars is a new site on the FanSided network that looks at the young talent in minor league systems.  The fans of the Pittsburgh Pirates know a thing or two about the farm system.  It’s been discussed religiously.

The prospects being developed by the Pirates have made an impact in Clint Hurdles lineup, but none of them are players we would call can’t miss.  Each of the players that has been called up has  “thrown something in the bucket” Clint Hurdle said. 

It’s nice to see it paying off for the Bucs because Neal Huntington and his team have been focused on filling up the Pirates minor league system with some very talented players.  The system Dave Littlefield left as empty as the change cup in the saxophone man’s cup three hours before game time at PNC Park.


As you know, the Pittsburgh Pirates have made very large investments on acquiring and developing young talent.  Most of the best talent has been pitching.  An elite power hitting prospect hasn’t peaked from the Pirates system in the first half of the season.  

The Pirates system wasn’t completely barren.  The system had a few players in it that started making an impact last season.  Andrew McCutchen is becoming a superstar.   But the Pirates farm system was like the dirty cup at the feet of the sax man, there are a few suspicious looking fives in the cup that he snuck in there, but it was mostly empty.

Some of the youngest talent has been good, Starling Marte comes to mind with his .319 average and his 821 OPS, but some like Andrew Lambo have struggled mightily.  In an overview, none could be deemed the best of the best thus far in 2011. 

Nathaniel at Seedlings to Stars took a look at what he feels are the best of the best offensive performances thus far in the minor leagues.  If you look closely some NL Central Division rivals have made the list.  We’re still looking for the Buccos representation.

It’s important to remember the lack of stars the next time you develop your dream trade scenario.  The Pirates have some good prospects, but none of them have been the best at their position in the first half of the 2011 season.

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