Pittsburgh Pirates Trade Deadline Rumors: Push the Cart Neal Huntington

Tick, tick, tick….the Major League Baseball trade deadline gets closer every second.   The Pirates rumors are in full gear.  There is talk about the Pirates being in on every major player being discussed–Hunter Pence–in.  Carlos Beltran–in.  Carlos Pena–in. 

Come up with a name and the Pirates are rumored to have inquired on that player.  It’s damn exciting.  Here is a recent video and about the 2:13 mark Ken Rosenthal talks about the Bucs, Neal Huntington and the perception of other baseball GM’s.


Rosenthal said that other GM’s feel Huntington values his prospects too much. There are eleven days left until the deadline. What else would you expect the GM’s of teams who are sellers to say at this time?

The GM’s of the Mets, Astros, Dodgers, A’s are all able to talk big right now. There is time. What happens when the clock starts to click closer to the deadline?

What happens when those dollars, that each of those teams are staring at–those millions of dollars, start making those GM’s sweat?  Teams have to reduce numbers from their books.

It’s going to happen.  There is no doubt. 

Remember, Neal Huntington is in the driver’s seat.   The Pirates are buyers.  Perhaps one of the best suited buyers in the store. 

Huntington has played this perfectly. He adds all the cavets to his quotes…. It has to be the right price. It has to fit.

We love it. Keep pushing your empty cart past each of those sellers Neal Huntington. 

The Pirates have time to kill.  Shopping is fun.

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Remember when this style of article would be published in the PG for years on end?


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