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Pedro Alvarez is Back and We Think He Might Be Pissed Off

Pedro Alvarez is back.

Pedro Alvarez made his return to the Pittsburgh Pirates lineup last night. Pedro looked angry. Sorry bad guys.

Pedro had a single and a walk as the Bucs silenced the Atlanta Braves behind the strong arm of James MKKKKKKKKKDonald.  The big right hander struck out a career high and was picked up by an another excellent game from the Pirates bullpen.  Chris Resop continued to dominate, Danimal and Hanranator sealed the first victory of a four game set.

A compelling story seems to be brewing with Alvarez.  It seems obvious the ballclub doesn’t want to put pressure on their power hitter.  But we think the chip on the shoulder of Pedro Alvarez might not be going anywhere too soon.

Especially when one reads some quotes from the Trib today.  The Pirates brass point out that an injury to Alex Presley is the reason that Alvarez is back in the bigs.

Manager Clint Hurdle made certain to point out that the Bucs wanted Alvarez to spend more time in Indianapolis.  The tough love continues from Federal Street.  The quote from Neal Huntington makes that crystal clear.

“We didn’t bring him back to be the guy.”

It’s a unique approach, but not exactly new.  Most every die hard fan knows what Pedro Alvarez can do in a Pittsburgh Pirates uniform.  Most every die hard fan knows that Neal Huntington and Kyle Stark have a lot riding on their number one pick.  Alvarez is their project.  Alvarez is their guy.  Think about the production from Pedro and Tony Sanchez this year.  Does it blow you away?

Alvarez needs to become a superstar.  He will be forever linked to Huntington/Stark/Pirates development staff.  Their fingerprints are all over the production, health and wellness of Alvarez.  It’s rather apparent that the team has done this mind strengthening exercise with several players over the past few years, but none with the pedigree of Alvarez.

A lot of skin is in the game.  A lot of ass is on the line.

Let’s trust it works.  Because a focused, pissed off Pedro is a lot of fun to watch.  Just ask these guys….



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