Pirates Trade Rumors: Summon the Batman

Why can’t the Pittsburgh Pirates just get a homerun hitting first baseman?    I mean it’s not like other contenders are looking for them.  Power hitters are everywhere in Major League Baseball.

Just trade Jameson Taillon for Hunter Pence and be done with it.  Screw the future.  The future is now. 

The Pirates are going to lose the fanbase if they don’t make a trade.  Lyle Overbay should be traded immediately. 

Talk radio in Pittsburgh can beat a man down.  I’m losing my mind here Pirates fans. 

A deal is going to be made.  In the meantime, the article below is titled No Deal Neal by Paul Ladewski….it’s fu*king hilarious.   Paul is the guy who told everyone Pedro was overweight and in doing so generated thousands of hits for Bob Nuttings Pirates Report dot com. 

So as Pirates fan we are supposed to listen to the ‘source’ Paul used for this quote…

“I don’t know what their farm system has right now, but Pittsburgh is on a high,” an American League source said. “They should add to what they have at the major league level. It would make a major statement about whether they win or lose their division.”


Key words being I don’t know what their farm system has…  Ok, hold on a minute.  Why the hell does this guy count as a source?   Our guess is the source is a hot dog salesman in Cleveland.   The article is full of quotes from people not named.  The schtick gets old.

We believe a deal is coming.  A bat will be brought to Pittsburgh on Sunday.  Relax.  And watch out for articles that claim to be from ‘sources’ in the next 48 hours.



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