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Pirates Trade Rumors: The Hunt Continues

We woke up this morning and immediately checked twitter for a Pittsburgh Pirates move. Nothing.

So we flicked on North American Hunter. The boys were hunting big bear. They put bait in two tree stumps and a large red barrel. They climbed into their tree stands and waited…..and waited. For four days.

One small bear kept coming, but it was obvious he wasn’t the big bear in the area. Days passed. Nothing but the same small bear. With only a few minutes before dark remaining, the hunter took the small bear with his bow.

He smiled in the picture, but it was obvious to me he wasn’t happy. Sometimes you just take what is in front of you.

This week the big bear named Beltran went to San Francisco. Pence went to Philly. So what is left for the Pirates? Some smaller targets.

So this morning the sun comes up on yet another day in lives of Pirates fans hungry for the front office to add to the team. A crushing win by the Phillies last night did not end the world. But it does appear that two targets who may never have been targets in the first place are off the market in Twinkie land.

It was reported that the Pirates had interest in Jason Kubel earlier this week. Ken Rosenthal had said the Twins were more likely to trade Kubel, but he and Michael Cuddyer now look to be off the market. If true this isn’t great news for Pirates fans interested in the team landing a bat.

So the hunt for a smaller target continues.

Early Saturday morning tweet from Miller.

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