Pirates Deadline Recap: Neal Huntington by the Book

Neal Huntington's book hits Amazon today

The Pittsburgh Pirates GM was called the “hardest working man in baseball” by Clint Hurdle. The Pirates picked up $4.8 million in salary at the Major League Trade Deadline by adding Ryan Ludwick and Derrek Lee.

The premise in adding both players was that “they still have something left in the tank,” Neal Huntington said. The 2011 season has been magical to date. The primary reason for that has been the performance of the pitching staff. The magical workings of Ray Searage and his team of witch doctors.

But despite a clamoring for offense, we were praying for the same thing that got the Bucs to this point. Pitching.

It was available, the Pirates didn’t get it. But the Bucs added veteran leadership, two players who can help the young Pirates.  We’re not sure what specifically that means.  But one thing it means is that there wasn’t pitching added to the club.

Derrek Lee can join the Pirates today, or tomorrow

Let’s go O.
Let’s go O.
Let’s go O.

Now, please don’t misunderstand me on this. Neal Huntington is only one guy. A guy without a contract beyond 2011. What the hell would you do? What the hell could you do? We speculate he did what he was told.

Huntington went public with what his three wants were. Position player. Bullpen. Starter.

It didn’t happen. And that isn’t quite good enough.

But where does the fault lie for not delivering arms?  Was a deal for a starter really in the mix?   Who shot down deals for Koji who the Pirates spent considerable time scouting? It would have been nice to have the stud reliever yesterday wouldn’t it?

So Huntington  is the hardest working GM in the game.  Cool.  We trust he can sleep well.  We trust he presented various deals to help this team.  I would speculate that he did.  Sometimes the other teams feel they can make a better deal with other teams.  It happens.  Often times hard workers have to do work so hard because of weak organizations–think about it.

But the deadline has passed.  More action can continue with some waiver wire deals.  Huntington will continue to work his ass off.

But looking at the moves that were made, there is reason to believe that there is some internal support behind it.  He mentioned on his show yesterday the importance of Dan Fox and the crew in reference to Joel Hanrahan.   They had reason to believe Hanrahan would improve, and has he ever–have you seen Hanrahan recently?  Yeh, me either.

But those same very intelligent men feel Lee and Ludwick will improve going down the stretch.  We trust they are correct.  We would have to believe the strikeouts will continue, but at least there should be some pop-some umphh, less Matt Diaz Singles Network if you will.

Regardless, the rest of the 2011 Clint Hurdle Traveling Show will be enjoyable.  It’s been a helluva of tour so far, we’re just greedy.  We’re just rooting for the GM to get his wish list.

Because despite his critics, Huntington’s  wish list was on the money.  It’s too bad it didn’t happen.  The incredibly awesome, cough, cough, minor league system is still one hundred percent complete.  There will be no future mortgage payments.

Let’s pray that the chicken wire holds.

Ryan Ludwick was really good in 2008 and was managed by Clint Hurdle in the All-Star game

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