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Come on Ray, do a magic trick

Pittsburgh Pirates Caffeine

The inspiration for today’s caffeine is the legendary Kurt Bevacqua. When I get a little down on the Bucs, I like to blow bubbles, kinda like Clint works over the hubba bubba without many bubbles, but I wear it out, stretch it out, blow it out.  Bevacqua was MLB’s bubble gum champ, it couldn’t be called undisputed, because the Pirates didn’t even send a representative.  Nevertheless, Kurt took down the likes of Johnny Bench and George Brett….

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When in the middle of a Pittsburgh Pirates losing streak, we find ourselves doing many of the things players do after making an error. The Charlie Brown especially. Enjoy this great article this morning.


Remember, there are actually a few minor league players having solid seasons in the Pirates organization. North Side Notch takes a close look at one of them.

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