Pittsburgh Pirates Waiver Wire Action Alert: Big Names Possible




The Pittsburgh Pirates will still have the opportunity to add players to the roster.  It’s been a long time, but remember the waiver wire is an attractive option for teams in August.  Especially the Bucs who have said they will spend cash, but were wary on moving prospects.

If you recall, the King Chris Resop was plucked from Atlanta last season in such a move.

@JimBowdenESPNxm: Waiver wire burning up with over 100 players placed on Trade Waivers mon-some teams planning massive claims to block Aug deals to contenders

It would be easy to see the Bucs winning a stretch of games in the next week and then pulling a trigger on a waiver claim.  If you have been checking out our notes from Neal Huntington’s Sunday shows, the Pirates GM has mentioned on several occassions the possibility of adding players after the trade deadline.  So buckle up, this could get fun.

The Pirates will have a better opportunity at selecting players from the National League as opposed to American League players.  As the AL players will have to clear every club in the AL before moving to the NL.

Some of the bigger names that could be placed on the wire may interest you:

Jason Kubel.  Damn if we didn’t here his name a few hundred times last month.  If the Twins tailspin, Kubel will be on the list.

Kyle Farnsworth.  Now this one would be complicated and unlikely.  But why not?

Ramon Hernandez.   NL team.  God, pray for a Reds fade not for Hernandez, but just for Marty’s sake.

Jason Giambi.  Is very unlikely for the Bucs, but his name was mentioned several times in July.

Carlos Pena.  The Cubs will break down eventually right?

Wandy Rodriguez.  Damn he’s owed a pile of cash, but he would likely clear waivers we would think.  We thought we heard the Bucs mentioned, but it seems like a Yankee fit to us.

Carlos Quentin.  It appears unlikely the Sox will do anything immediate, but his contract is favorable and we recall the Pirates being rumored to have sniffed around Chicago for the slugger.



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