Andrew McCutchen has seen numerous pitches up and in this season.

Eight Straight Losses for Pittsburgh Pirates

Train Wreck exhibit A

Call me sadistic, whatever, but as a Pittsburgh Pirates fan there are some things we can’t look away from no matter how bad it is.    This week has been one of them.  It is just as interesting to me, although much more frustrating, to watch the Pirates struggle.

The one thing I can say is that the league has adjusted.  We think we will probably hear this from Pirates GM Neal Huntington very soon.  It’s overused, but watching the team it seems true.

The Padres weren’t fooled by Jeff Karstens last night.  Bud Black had the boys prepared. And let’s face it, Karstens insane strand rate couldn’t last forever.  San Diego always hits the Zombie hard.  Karstens has yet to grab a win over the Padres and has frankly been knocked around in most of his appearances against the Friars.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that books are being written on the Pirates ballclub.  It doesn’t seem hard to realize when you watch a ballgame.  One striking piece of evidence in this case is how the opposing pitchers are dealing with Andrew McCutchen.

Just throw it near his head.


It seems obvious to me that the bad guys

A.  Want to establish the inner part of the plate against McCutchen.

B.  Pitchers  want the Pirates superstar uncomfortable at the plate.

C.  Teams are sending a message to the Pirates.

D. All of the above.

It’s worked in the past against the Bucs.  It seems obvious the Pirates don’t choose to respond, won’t respond, or aren’t willing to respond.  The game has changed in that regard.

Teams are doing it against Pedro as well.  Remember after he hit that bomb?  The Bucs know it’s coming, it’s a shame the pitching staff didn’t take the same strategy.    At least once in a while right?

But nevertheless, the Pirates keep finding ways to lose.  The Padres ten runned the Bucs last night before a packed PNC Park which continued a spiral, that like a few things in life, I just can’t ignore.

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