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Odds of Josh Bell Signing With Pirates Reportedly Going in Wrong Direction

The Josh Bell Countdown

Yesterday on the Neal Huntington Show, the Bucs GM sounded optimistic about signing second-round pick Josh Bell.  It wasn’t a confident, walk with a limp sentence, but it sounded at least like a possibility.  If at anytime the Pittsburgh Pirates need some positive news, it’s now.

Not so fast.

Apparently, Bell and maybe more importantly, his agent Scott Boras heard that positive news. Look at the latest tweet below

The odds were 60% when Kendall Rogers last tweeted about Bell....

It won’t be easy to sign Bell.  But it shouldn’t be impossible.  Why isn’t it just cut and dry?  Because there is some doubt.  That’s why.  Now it’s up to the Bucs to close the deal.

Here is a video from a few weeks ago you might have missed, Pirates GM Neal Huntington talking about Bell.



Pay him Bob. Write the check.


The video link to Bell’s bomb at Arlington
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