70 percent of sports executives don't tweet

Why Don't Sports Executives Tweet?

We saw this article about sports executives recently and thought it was interesting. Twitter is fast, easy and an effective tool. A number of years ago, we thought the same thing as some of the answers in the article, but it’s hard to imagine living without it now.

It absolutely blows my mind to think that a busy, so they say, executive doesn’t find it beneficial. Seventy percent is a huge number.  Perhaps, they simply don’t understand it even thought it is one of the easiest and most impactful tools to reach their target markets, stay up to date with specific information that can be customized, and grow their brand with minimal investment.

There are about a million different ways for sports executives to reap benefits from twitter.  It’s a damn shame that most feel twitter benefits athletes most.  A savvvy executive, like oh maybe a guy like Mark Cuban, can balance anything, it’s hard to believe sports executives like Bob Nutting, Frank Coonelly, and Neal Huntington can’t see the advantages twitter can bring them.

We guess they are too busy doing ‘executive’ stuff while the largest growth market for the Pirates sends fifty to one hundred tweets a day.  Shit, who needs to connect with those fans now anyway right?  What a damn shame.

We predict the seventy percent number will change by at least ten percent in less than one year.  They won’t have a choice soon.

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