Mike Leake will be on the mound today for the Reds

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Damn, it must suck to be a Reds fan this year. So much was expected of the reigning NL Central champs, so little has been achieved. It can’t help that the peglegs have had the redlegs number most of the season.

Speaking of frustrating, Joel Hanrahan earned his first save in over three weeks yesterday.
Speaking of weeks, there are only a few left in the season. Is the goal now to simply catch the Cardinals? The Pirates will be without the services of Paul Maholm which will provide opportunities for Ross Ohlendorf and Brad Lincoln to pitch.

A full house at PNC Park was amazing yesterday.

It’s so awesome to be a Pirates fan right now even though one month ago the team was just half a game out of first place.  Wait that doesn’t even seem possible…

And it looks like this season could get even more interesting. Bob Nutting is talking about the timing being right for long term deals in today’s Trib and boom… there it is the Bucs just announced a press conference with Jose Tabata and Neil Huntington.  Damn, we’re glad Dick Stockton won’t be covering the press conference or today’s game–he was butchering Tabata’s name.

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