John Russell was many things as the Pirates skipper, a motivational speaker wasn't one of them. His Losing Gracefully speech is captured after the jump.

The Pittsburgh Pirates Need Greatest Pep Talk Ever Today

The Pittsburgh Pirates have a challenge. Daddy is coming to town today–the Milwaukee Brewers roll into PNC Park to push around the Pirates. Not once, but twice.  A freaking double header.  

So yes, the Bucs will face their daddy twice today.

August 22, 2011.

It’s time for the shit to end. As Lou Brown once said, it’s time to give the sportswriters of Pittsburgh a shitburger.

Since the Pirates pitching staff scares us. Since the lineup has limitations, since the…oh never mind, the Brewers own the Bucs. The pep talk is the only thing left for Clint Hurdle and he needs to deliver an ass kicking, heart string pulling, pull the heart out of the Brewers pep talk of a lifetime.

So we did this post for Clint.

And more importantly for us, the die hard fans of the Bucs.

So let’s remember in order to develop a good speech it’s important to take a look at the speeches that have failed in the Pirates recent past.

Cue JR.

We think the John Russell pep talk is recaptured nicely by Soccer Mom.

Enough about the past.  Today’s speech should be about the future.  We think the Rock is a great speaker. Much like the boy genius Clint Hurdle.  They both can shit talk with the best of ‘em. So this should help.

“Now it’s time to go out there and put in on the scoreboard. It’s time to see who has the heart. Now is the time to prove to yourselves and to everyone out there that even though you are locked up, you are somebody.”

This one is for the Fort, Michael McKenry. Fortune lays it out for Rudy…

Spit it Coach Boone.

A personal favorite of ours is Lou Brown and his take on sportswriters in Major League

One of the best ever was delivered by Coach Brooks.  Want a great speech, substitute Brewers for Russians.  

And here is a compliation of the best pep talks ever. 

Pick out your own, look yourself in the mirror, recite the speech with passion, and then get to PNC Park, the team needs us.

Well the team needs you…I am working.

Now let us pray… Our Father who art in heaven,

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The USC video was sent to me after this went up…a million hits, damn this is good. Focus Clint.

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