State College Spikes Wrestling Rumble Night a Hit

When we heard about George the Animal Steele being at the State College Spikes game last year, we thought we can’t miss that promotion next season. The Spikes staff didn’t let us down.

Sure there was a baseball game played by the Spikes last night.  The team didn’t get a lot of hits, well other than Kirk Singer who had two, but the big hit was the wrestling promotion.

As we walked into the park, an interview was being conducted with a wrestler that was a spitting image of John Cena.  Within seconds Cena was attacked by Macho Dan Savage and the match was set for the eighth inning.

The promotion worked mainly because of the energy of the people involved.  The storylines continued throughout the game with numerous, well thought out teases working up to the ladder match between Cena and Macho Dan. 

Some of the best ideas were retro wrestling video footage was shown throughout the stadium–Snap into a Slim Jim! 

The players walk up music was entry music used by famous wrestlers in their career.  The Spikes video board was put to great use with background graphics of legendary grapplers too. 

One of the coolest things that happened was fireworks went off in centerfield and Macho Dan made a dramatic entrance talking smack to all who weren’t rivoted by the Clinton County boys in the Little League World Series.

A between inning Sumo Match between locals was invaded by Cena which was a cool surprise and caused some fans to boo with a passionate WWE vigor.  We couldn’t help but laugh our asses off as Cena  sprinted into the stands after dropping a five knuckle shuffle on the one sumo suited fan and slew footing the other. 

The highlight of the night was the match, here you go…

Hawk towers over Macho Dan as Cena prepares to climb the ladder. Just another awesome promotion with the State College Spikes.

Macho Dan loads up for a chair shot on Hawk at the State College Spikes Wrestling Rumble Night


Who needs George Steele, when Macho Dan can carry the weight?  Congrats Macho Dan on the pinfall, and to everyone involved, we had a blast.

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Oh yeh, almost forgot, Stetson Allie pitched last night….

Stetson Allie struckout one, walked one, and induced a double play ball in his inning of work against the Jammers

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