Burres had a mainly average season at AAA.

Joe Dirt II: Pirates Calling Up Brian Burres

You read the headline correctly ladies and gentlemen.  The left handed Brian Burres will be returning to Pittsburgh according to several tweets today from the local media.

In January we said that signing Burres was a nice pickup—–for AAA Indy.  We mentioned that if you see Burres in Pittsburgh, the Pirates are in trouble.

It’s official.  The Bucs are in trouble.


Brian Burres signed a minor-league deal with the Pittsburgh Pirates with an invite to spring training. Pray that the 29-year old Burres pitches well this year, but just never in Pittsburgh.

The Pirates need more than an occassional good start from Brian Burres to improve like Pirates fans want to see in 2011. A month ago the Pirates non-tendered Burres which booted the left-hander from the 40-man roster. In 2010, Burres had a 4.99ERA over his 13 starts and 20 appearances with a 3.9BB/9 and 5.1K/9

Just when Pirates fans thought the team would be going after some short term answers for the Pirates weakness in pitching….the Buccos looked back. Presumably his averageness was simply too much to pass up. In 2010, Burres represented everything that was wrong with the Pittsburgh rotation. He was hittable. No swing and miss stuff. Replacement level.

While it certainly doesn’t hurt having Burres back as a spring training invite next month–hell maybe he has a career year– maybe he comes up with another arm angle, one that works this time, as BTBS documented in 2009. [article below.]

But for us, it simply doesn’t show much improvement in a shaky staff, nor does it show risk by the Pirates. Without any teaching from the Pirates staff or something new being brought into his pitch mix, if Brian Burres sees Pittsburgh it means the Pirates are in trouble. Burres is a safety blanket. Based on his past performance, we know what Burres is. Just another replacement level arm who happens to be left-handed.

Good luck in Indy this year. (We trust.)



We loved his photo so much you know we were going to use it eventually.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

Brian Burres never gives up. He just keeps on keepin' on.

You thought we were joking about AAA Indy loading up this year. Jen Langosch had the scoop on the signing.

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