Could Pittsburgh Pirates Hitting Coach Be On the Ropes?

The Pirates offense was among the worst in most categories in the National League

If you’re a fan of RumBunter, you know we love speculation. Most times it’s just wild, rampant speculation on the Pittsburgh Pirates. Sometimes it has some basis, sometimes it doesn’t.

Today, we look in a “big picture” manner at the Pirates’ offense.  The Pittsburgh Pirates are one of the worst hitting teams in Major League Baseball.


So when I read this article by Jen Langosch, it immediately made me think, “Hmm…”


Maybe.  Just maybe changes are coming for the Pittsburgh Pirates?

I seriously doubt that there is any possible way the team can be happy with how they hit this season.  Pirates GM Neal Huntington said that- overall  – he feels satisfied.

The door is open.

Look at the numbers for the Pirates hitters this season:  Is there anything remotely compelling that tells you that the players were confident in their abilities?   Andrew McCutchen sits at 5.8 WAR.  Neil Walker is 2.7.  Ryan Doumit is 1.7.

That’s where the good ends, unless you consider a 1.4 for Ronny Cedeno as a positive which could be argued.

A few times during the year, we were told that Clint Hurdle does the adjustments on hitters.  That makes sense, Hurdle is considered proficient in hitting.

A hitting coach can make a difference.  Gregg Ritchie has been with the Bucs since 2006.  If he is gone, it won’t be an easy decision for personal reasons.  But, professionally, it’s simpler to me.  Ritchie didn’t make enough of a positive difference for the players this season.

They deserve better.  Maybe they will get it in 2012.

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